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Vita Sanctae Euphrosinae




Vita S. Euphrosinae Virginis

Vita Sanctae Euphrosinae

Name of the Portuguese translation

Vida de Santa Eufrosina (pt.011)




Latin (the original text is in Greek).


Hagiographic text that narrates the life of Euphrosyne of Alexandria in Theodosius Monastery, where she sought refuge disguised as a man and embraced the monastic life.


The first version of this life is in Greek. In the eighth century AD, the text has been translated to Latin, and then it was translated in several languages. Some translations can be found in various publications: Patrologia Graeca de Migne (vol. 114, cols. 305-322), Acta Sanctorum (see online the text in the site ‘Documenta Catholica Omnia’), Sanctorum Priscorum Patrum Vitae de Lippomani (VI, 25 set.) or Vitae Sanctorum from Surius (Jan. I), as documented by Hill (1919).

The two Portuguese translations are from the twelfth century - the translation of the Monastery of Santa Cruz de Coimbra - and the fourteenth century - the
translation of the Alcobaça Monastery.


The two existing Portuguese copies belong to the Monastery of Alcobaça and the Monastery of Santa Cruz of Coimbra.

Extant witnesses

In Portugal, there are two copies. One is at the National Library (Fundo Alcobacense – Alc. 1), between pages 153 and 161; the other is in the Municipal Library of Porto (Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto – Fundo do Mosteiro de Santa Cruz de Coimbra: Santa Cruz 73, número geral 348) between pages 172v and181. The latter copy is described in the Catálogo dos Códices da Livraria de Mão do Mosteiro de Santa Cruz de Coimbra na Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto (between pages 312 and 315).


Online database:

Arlima (french versions of the text): http://www.arlima.net/eh/euphrosine_sainte.html


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